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Single point of electricity supply for tenements. Solution that saves up to 30 - 40%.

We the people, residents of tenements, energy consumers! We have no knowledge of our energy consumption.

We pay advances, and we are waiting for the end of the settling year with fear of what verdict we are going to see. Do you also know that feeling? Are you afraid of arrears? Or are you expecting an overpayment and there is none? Are you unsure how much it costs you, what is your consumption and how to reduce it? Do you have an overview?

We bring the solutions.

Solution destription

We merge the house into the one central power supply point, install sub-meters and deploy the home administrator - homeAdmin.

Your consumption will be deducted remotely.

No more visits from strangers.

We have solutions for every house.

You will save and have a better insight into your consumption.


The consent of the Assembly of Owners of Housing Units is necessary to realize the plan. It is not a requirement for all owners to join.

Smejkalova 18
616 00 Brno
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 774 040 094

Project MASTER SERVER is co-financed by the European Union.

The main and output of the project is the establishment and commissioning of the Master Server, which will be able to manage the established Central Controllers and Home Servers.

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