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The revolution in remote measurement of your consumption!

HomeAdmin is a web interface that uses the remote reading to measure consumption (water, heat, electricity, gas). Thanks to this, the owner of the flat/house, the housing cooperative manager, the housing administration or the town has an immediate overview of the status of the checked quantities.

Billing can be set for a specific day and hour.

Web interface is available almost anywhere – whether you are at home or on vacation abroad, or at the office. So your real estate / real estate management is constantly monitored.

What is homeAdmin?

Home administrator

Remote energy consumption reading system

Predictive maintenance tool

Monitoring and administration of billing

Easily scalable

It is intended for: end users in tenements / chairpersons of associations of unit owners / real estate managers / housing cooperative managers / municipalities / towns / city districts / developers


What does homeAdmin represent?

Energy consumption overview – I know how much it costs me

Significantly easier management – information available immediately

Long-term consumption overview – ideal when buying utilities in advance

Consumption archiving – I know my personal home consumption better

Time – you definitely do not have to take a vacation and spend your time at meter reading

Privacy and security – it is no longer necessary to let strangers to the house

It prevents insured events

And, of course, you save!

It works with the idea of ​​an association into SPE /single point of electricity supply/

When combined with a heat pump installation, it reduces the return on the source by up to half

When combined with PV/HPV Systems, it enables higher efficiency

Beneficts of homeAdmin


I have immediate overview.

I know how much it costs me.

I know my home consumption.

I save.

Association of Unit Owners

We know our house.

We consolidate connections.

We buy energy in advance.

We save.

Tenement Administrators

We have a simplified management.

We bill automatically.

We offer more.

Our customers save.

Developers / Municipalities

Accurate billing of services.

We consolidate connections.

Advantageous utility purchase.

Higher profit, savings for clients.


Variant 1 - IoT

Solution description

The advantage of the solution offered /Remote readings/ is the possibility of realization almost anywhere, without intervening in the existing wiring.

Remote Metering
Solution items

License - Activation and monthly fee

Devices for reading

Fees for data transfer / GATEWAY

Variant 2 - Communication units without a Server

Solution description

The solution /Remote Readings/ is implemented with the help of communication units and cabling - the solution is therefore robust and suitable, in the case of planned reconstruction or if the space is in the existing steps. Data can be stored locally /excludes measurement errors/. Requires Internet connectivity.

Remote Metering
Solution items

License - Activation and monthly fee

Communication units for reading

Variant 3 - Communication units with a Server or mServer

Solution description

The offered solution /Remote Readings/ is realized with the help of control units and cabling and also with the help of a local server (or mServer), which allows to set up a local PC network and to share the Internet connection, to operate a CCTV system with a backup, to connect MaR systems, EPS, smoke sensors, etc. This is a complex system solution.

Remote Metering
Solution items

License - Activation and monthly fee

Communication units for reading


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616 00 Brno
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 774 040 094

Project MASTER SERVER is co-financed by the European Union.

The main and output of the project is the establishment and commissioning of the Master Server, which will be able to manage the established Central Controllers and Home Servers.

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