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We are an emerging technology company that focuses on a combination of both hardware / software.

Our primary activity is the development, delivery and support of our own homeAdmin and battca products for energy solutions. We design and implement total energy solutions using alternative sources and modern technologies. We also carry out custom development and solve technical problems.

About Company



Your secure personal energy storage with an emphasis on design. For your house or cottage, for larger plants, server farms, for clinics.


Dálkové odečty měření

HomeAdmin is a web interface that uses the remote reading to measure consumption (water, heat, electricity, gas).



Fotovoltaické elektrárny

Designs of standard and hybrid photovoltaic power systems directly for the needs of your family house or tenement/building/factory.


Jednotné odběrné místo

Single point of electricity supply for tenements. Solution that saves up to 30 - 40% on electricity costs.


Smejkalova 18
616 00 Brno
Czech Republic
e-mail:  info@synercom.cz
tel.: +420 774 040 094

Project MASTER SERVER is co-financed by the European Union.

The main and output of the project is the establishment and commissioning of the Master Server, which will be able to manage the established Central Controllers and Home Servers.

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